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Coaching & Management Staff
of the Year Nominations

Nominees for Coaching / Management Staff are submitted by the public and voted on by the public.

All Head Coaches and Team Managers from the 22/23 season NVSHL and CSHL teams are eligible. 

Coach of the Year
Nominees from the CSHL Are:

Greg Hanson

Head Coach

WT Woodson Cavaliers | Robinson Rams

WT-Woodson logo_edited.jpg

Coach Hanson has dedicated over 10 years of coaching not only to the high school team (both as assistant and head coach) but also to the NoVa Hockey Community as a coach for the Reston Raiders.

Greg has successfully raised his boys, Will, Sean and Derek to be high character young men and excellent hockey players. Will and Sean are in college and Derek is a sophomore at Woodson. Greg's ability to inspire, lead and develop kids with high character, goes beyond his boys and permeates through to the many kids he has coached. He promotes a hard work ethic and a never give up mentality. More importantly, he teaches players about respect for the game, for each other and their opponents on the ice. Under Greg's vision, Woodson has now partnered with Robinson and Thomas Jefferson High Schools and has grown to include a JV and Varsity squads this year. The Hanson family's contributions and philanthropic efforts, not only to hockey but to local food banks like Food for Others, touched so many lives. The world need more people like the Hanson's and the hockey world needs more coaches like Greg.

Hugo Cordova

Head Coach

Woodbridge Vikings


Coach Cordova is described as one of the kindest, yet most laser-focused people you could ever meet. His passion and dedication to HS hockey even draws students from other schools that don't offer a hockey program "After our first meeting with Coach Hugo, there was no doubt that Woodbridge was where [my son] wanted to play", shared a parent. And while hockey is near the top of his agenda, Coach Hugo is a family first guy. He has coached Woodbridge since 2007 when his twin sons entered the program and in 2014 his youngest entered the program. His children, now grown with kids of their own, and for which Hugo glows when speaking about his grandchildren, continues to coach 16 years later!  It is Coach Cordova's love of the game and the team that keeps him coaching Woodbridge so many years later.  

Coach of the Year
Nominees from the NVSHL Are:

Matt Brady

Head Coach

Battlefield Bobcats


"No coach is more deserving to be Coach of the Year" said a team parent. Coach Brady is a mentor to all who play for Battlefield High School Ice Hockey Club.

Great coaches, like Matt, give their teams direction and motivation to help them reach their goals. He always has an organized plan and finds a way to encourage the team to believe and work together. His depth of knowledge and positive attitude gives him the unique ability to connect with a wide range of players across age groups. Players respond well to him because of his unwavering commitment to their development on the ice and the example he sets for them off the ice. The Battlefield team enthusiastically follows his lead, ready to take on any opponent. No matter what the game brings, the players have the utmost respect for him and are proud to have him lead the Battlefield Ice Hockey team. 

Coach Brady's work ethic combined with a lighthearted approach to the game inspires players to work hard for their success and account for their performance in an environment that fosters a lifelong love of the game!

Russ Cosentino

Head Coach

Brand Run Spartans


Coach Cosentino did a lot with a team that could only field 7 players for some games and they still managed to remain competitive and a 4-5-1 record this season. That's getting the most you can out what you have! Coach display's brilliant strategy and finesse in tough and frustrating situations. He set's a sterling example on and off the ice that takes sportsmanship, competitiveness, integrity and hard work into consideration. For the parents, it isn't about wins and losses, it's about holding the kids accountable, by mentoring them, teaching them values of hard work, compete, resilience, and teaching the game of hockey with life lessons that go with it. He cares about each player, knows their names, hobbies and interests and meets with them each week during the season. He is a long time Ashburn resident who loves the game of hockey and as an empty  nester has been able to help the community by stepping up to be a heck of a role model for the kids. The Battlefield Hockey parents feel blessed to have him coach their kids on a volunteer basis. "Just some guy trying to give back without wanting anything in return".

Jeremy Ferrara

Head Coach

Yorktown Patriots


Coach Ferrara is a hands on coach who is always there to support the boys despite having a busy life as an elementary school assistant principal and raising to two toddlers! He pushes the kids to do their best by focusing on positives. Throughout his years to coaching Yorktown he has led the team to become who they are today, one of the top teams in the NVSHL.

Brian Green

Head Coach

Kettle Run Cougars | Rappahannock Panthers


Coach Green consistently shows greatness within his team each year and they are always a good and tough competitive team within the NVSHL. He is very nice and cares a lot about his team and you can see that!

Team Manager of the Year - Adult/Parent Category
Nominees from the NVSHL are:

kim latkiewicz_edited_edited.jpg

Kim Latkiewicz
Parent Team Manager
Independence Tigers

Kim has been the Team Manager of 3 years! She is diligent, cares so much about the team and works hard to get schedules updated and messages sent out. She's great at delegating some things to involve the HS Student Managers. She knows all the players. Takes her role and the game seriously and is also positive and fun! She brought a lit Christmas tree and displayed it while in the time keepers box! She is a true advocate for the players and partner to the coaching staff. She's authentic!

Jane Doe

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James Doe

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