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Player Programs

Throughout the regular season, we will announce a Player, Goalie and Game of the Week for each league. Accolades are posted on social media with a personalized graphic describing their accomplishment!

Eligible players are also considered for the All-Star Team to participate in the Big Game!

Players also have a chance to participate off-ice as a Hockey Analyst. Collaborate with the non-player team and share your insight and knowledge of the game and represent your team! Service Hours are also available. 

Player Programs

non-player program

Non-player programs at Hockey Night in NoVa are geared towards high school students with an interest in supporting the sport and exploring activities and careers related to sports.

If you need service hours, a DECA or Capstone project, looking to diversify your college applications,  volunteer your time and talent, or just want to support high school hockey, there's a place here for you!

If you're interested in one of the opportunities below contact us today!

Non-Player Program


DECA students get real-life experience from strategic planning to execution

Graphic Design

Do you have an eye for design and a laptop to create it? We need you!! Join our team and create designs for our marketing materials and help promote the HNINOVA brand!

Public Relations

Want to learn about PR and be involved in the Hype? Join the PR team and spread the word about NoVa high school hockey!

Photography & Videography

A picture (or video) is worth one thousand words! This is the meat of our promotional content. Be part of a team that shares your talent with the hockey community!


Love to write and be featured in HNINOVA news and local news outlets? Come hone your craft with us and create content everyone wants to read!


Stats is what it's all about! Logging stats as they are reported by leagues is a critical part of our process. If you are looking for a high-visibility and impactful role, Stats Coordinator is for you!

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