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Hockey Night in NoVa is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 organization of hockey enthusiasts 

who want to grow the recognition of high school hockey in the Northern Virginia area by acknowledging and promoting players and teams through our non-player program that is geared towards high school students with an interest in supporting the sport and exploring activities and careers related to sports.


This program is intended to provide interns with the experiences and mentorships to help build your resume and portfolio as well as being fun and interactive! 

Service hours are 1:1.



Graphic design interns need to have some experience working in Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign and FCPX or iMovie – or similar). You should have your own computer and software to create and share your work.

Based on your experience and interest, as a graphic designer on the team, you will:

- prepare weekly graphics to announce upcoming games, report game scores, and players and goalies of the week. 

- create graphics for special promotions; Best Student Section Competition; All-Star Game and other tournaments. 

- participate in branding session 

- create collateral for print promotion as needed

- special projects: website, video editing 

photography & videography

Photography/videography interns should have some experience with this medium and have access to your own equipment and method to edit, copyright and

share images with Hockey Night in NoVa. You will also need to have your own means to regularly attend weekly hockey games in the NVSHL and CSHL. You will be paired with your HS team and we ask that you attend both home and away. 

This team has a unique opportunity! As part of your internship you will be mentored by a local professional! We will host occasional hands-on instructional sessions throughout the season for you to gain professional insight, experience, tips and tricks!

Learn more about Benjamin Burgess on IG @benjaminburgessphotography.

Pile of Newspapers

journalism & copy writing

Behind every player, every team, every coach, manager, sponsor and volunteers is a great story! We always need fresh stories and copy content on our social media, website and print media.


Journalism interns interested in supporting the program should:

  • Have Interest in and experience writing for publications.

  • Pitch stories to PR Manager

  • Will interview players, teams, coaches, managers, our sponsors, and the other volunteers.

  • Craft press releases under direction of PR Manager

  • Create interesting, relevant stories to be used throughout our communication networks and possibly local publications! 

  • Work with the photo/video teams to take photos and video, including interview videos that support your pieces.

team reps

Team reps are champions of the Hockey Night in NoVa program and help drive excitement and attention to teams! Student sections are an important part of the experience for players. Team Reps, promote upcoming games and get students excited to attend games! Help drive the Best Student Section Competition, work with journalism interns on interesting stories about the team, players, coaches, managers etc. On behalf of Hockey Night in NoVa, Team Reps are the advocates for their HS teams.

hockey analyst

This role is for hockey players that want to participate off-ice!

The expertise and insight of players brings great value! Hockey Analysts help the stats team interpret the game through the score sheet. They liaise between their team and Hockey Night in NoVa, working closely with the Team Reps and PR and Stats. 

Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 4.07.49 PM.jpeg
Hockey Analyst

marketing & Public Relations

The Marketing and Public Relations teamsl work in tandem to assure the strategic marketing and communications plans of the organization are carried out successfully by driving positive and supportive messaging and content that supports our organization, the leagues we support and our sponsors. 

team reps

Stats team

The promotion of the High School Varsity Hockey Teams is our #1 priority and in doing so, the Stats Team has the herculean task of tracking all of the team and player stats in the NVSHL and CSHL; to support the Marketing and PR teams efforts to get the word out and make sure it's correct! Stats team helps selects player and goalie of the week and assemble the All-Star game rosters.

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